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Client Stories

At AJAX Fasteners, we’re more than just a manufacturer and supplier. We are your trusted partner in delivering solutions when time is of the essence. Our track record is built on a foundation of swiftly coming to the aid of our clients, ensuring that your projects stay on track without compromising quality. Below, you’ll find stories showcasing our commitment to providing fast, reliable service, even under the most pressing deadlines.

After F1554 g55 studs manufactured by a competitor turned out to be shorter than required, AJAX held the shop open beyond regular hours to rectify the competitor’s mistake. 

The swift action ensured the studs were ready and delivered to the customer’s site the following morning, just in time for the scheduled concrete pour.

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A steel fabricator, amidst an important project, realized they were lacking the required quantity of ASTM F1554 g55 studs and epoxy tubes needed for completion. This shortage posed a significant threat to the distribution center warehouse project’s timeline and the fabricator’s promise to their client.

Thanks to AJAX Fasteners’ efficient action, the shipment arrived in Ohio by 10 am the following morning and the fabricator was able to meet their timeline.

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AJAX swiftly manufactured and delivered F1554 grade 55 studs to save a Southwest Florida general construction project in a couple hours.

This incident was the start of a strong partnership between the general contractor and AJAX Fasteners.

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Gainesville Renewable Energy Center

The Gainesville Renewable Energy Center (GREC) is a 100 MegaWatt wood biomass plant that has been recognized from Power Engineering magazine as one of the world’s best power projects.

GREC has entrusted us to manage their inventory of fasteners, drill bits, pipe fittings, power tools, cutting tools, abrasives and more through a VMI agreement. Learn more about our vendor managed inventory.

AT&T Skyscraper

At the time it was built, the EverBank Center in downtown Jacksonville was known as the BellSouth Tower and then as the AT&T Tower. It was the largest building in Florida.

We submitted a bid for the project, but a competing supplier initially underbid us and won the contract. However, the supplier was not able to meet its commitment.

Our reputation for being able to manage a crisis motivated the contractor to give us a call, and we readily supplied 20-foot anchor bolts through one of our custom manufacturing shops.

BAE Systems

BAE Systems is headquartered in Arlington, VA. At its full-service location in Jacksonville, Florida, it performs luxury yacht refits and repairs, commercial and naval ship repairs and conversions, industrial and marine fabrication, and assembly.

Through a VMI agreement, we supplied BAE a wide variety of fasteners, abrasives, temporary power solutions, ladders, power tools, blades, cutting products and more.

Learn more about our vendor managed inventory.

Mathew's Bridge

When Continental Cable was ready to install the 4-inch fiber optic cables that run underneath the Mathew’s bridge, they found out that they had not ordered the fasteners for the cable’s straps and hangers. So, they called us to handle their crisis!

We worked day and night to custom manufacture the fasteners they needed, and we delivered them on time.

Epcot Dome in Orlando

Epcot Dome in Orlando which is actually called “Spaceship Earth” and serves as a central icon to embody the theme of the park and to draw guests in.

The structure is a 160-ft. diameter geodesic sphere elevated above the ground which took countless hours to design and 26 months to build.

After extensive research, we found and supplied all the hard-to-find fasteners that were needed for its uniquely engineered structure.

Rodman Dam

The build of the Roman Dam was an initiative led by the Army Corps of Engineers during the 1970s to build a canal that bisected Florida. The Rodman Dam was one of three dams to be completed for the project, and we supplied all of the bolts for it.

Crystal River Power Plant

When the Crystal River Power Plant was operational, we supplied all the fasteners for the cooling pipe that ran from the Crystal River Power Plant to the Gulf of Mexico.

This project required fasteners in various sizes, including very large diameter fasteners for the huge cooling pipe. We also custom manufactured fasteners for them.

St. John's River Ferry

One of our first projects was with the St. Johns River Ferry, a car and passenger ferry that connects the north and south ends of Florida State Road A1A in Duval County. The ferry links Mayport Village and Fort George Island via a pleasant sail across the St. Johns River.

We supplied all the weathering bolts for the bumpers of the ferry’s bulkhead.

U.S. Military

AJAX supplied and manufactured fasteners for shipbuilding and repair, equipment repair, and construction for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marines, U.S. Army, U.S. Coastguard and other government agencies. 

  • Kings Bay Naval Base
  • NAS Jax
  • Naval Station Mayport
  • Naval Air Station Cecil Field
  • Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral
  • Moody Air Force Base
  • Eglin Air Force Base
  • Hunter Army Air Field
  • Fort Stewart
  • Marine Corps Parris Island

Other Clients

Some of our other clients have been:

  • Fagen, Inc., an international full-service industrial contractor. We supplied various materials to Fagen as they constructed the Gainesville Renewable Energy Center – industrial safety products, drill bits, B8, B8m, strain hardened stainless fasteners, and A193b7.
  • United Welding Service, for whom we provided millions of rivets for the construction of truck boxes, including an innovative truck box they engineered years ago with a gas tank for storing spare gasoline.
  • Big Span Structures, LLC, for whom we supplied fasteners, drill bits, pipe fittings, power tools, cutting tools, abrasives and more for a project in Newfoundland-Labrador, Canada.
  • University of Florida Health, location in Jacksonville, FL. We supplied various materials to many of the contractors involved in the Shands Hospital Expansion project.
  • Jacksonville’s original Southbank Riverwalk. The contractor for the project brought us multiple 55 gallon drums of fasteners that did not meet the correct specifications. To meet the client’s urgent need, we worked day and night using one of our custom shops to conform the anchor bolts to the correct specifications.
  • Jacksonville’s coal fire power plant. We provided all the fasteners for the coal conveyor system that runs between the river and the plant.
  • MacAljon Construction, for whom we supplied specialty bolts for a wharf crane on a military base.
  • Buckeye Technologies, Inc. which was a leading manufacturer of specialty fibers and non-woven materials made from wood and cotton. It was acquired by Georgia-Pacific LLC. We worked day and night to provide the fasteners needed for its shutdown project.
  • Phoenix Ring Power is an OEM for large industrial power generators for whom we provided fasteners and consumables for the manufacture of its generators.
  • American Coolair, a leading manufacturer of ventilation products. We have been their supplier for over 40 years for fasteners, tools, safety equipment, consumables, rivets, epoxies and more.
  • Haven Manufacturing, leading engineering and manufacturing company of tube cutting machinery. We have been their fastener supplier for over 25 years.
  • Harmon Industries, which was purchased by GE Transportation. We custom manufactured fasteners and provided kit assembly packages for their railroad crossing arms.
  • DJ Contracting, for whom we supplied all the fasteners for the construction of the Timucuan Preserve boardwalk located in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Walmart, for whom we supplied all the fasteners for their national implementation of Self Check-Outs.