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Vendor Managed Inventory

Let us systematically optimize your profits

We supply best-in-class fasteners from concept to completion. Plus, we save you floor space by storing products until you need them.

Our VMI agreements save you money and increase turns and availability.

We can deliver custom manufacturing in 24-hours or less.

Client Stories

By supplying 20-foot anchor bolts, we rescued a large project from delay.

“Exceptional crisis management”

Markets we serve

  • Serving all industries including OEM, MRO, military and government, and MEP contractors.
  • Domestic nation-wide throughout U.S.A. since 1973.
  • International clients including North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Caribbean and Bermuda.
We build an aggressive, proactive and flexible inventory plan for every VMI agreement to reduce costs, inventory and overhead while greatly increasing turns and availability.

Data-driven Approach that Reduces Costs and Procurement Time

As an extension of your team, we establish a line-by-line program to optimize your inventory and recommend where stocking levels need to be adjusted, reduced or eliminated.

We promote turns-driven order quantity and a technique for establishing safety stocks based on frequency of issues. We will thoroughly analyze your stock and usage. Then we collaborate with you to streamline your inventory and make sure you have the right amount of parts at the right time.

We will identify and eliminate duplicate items. We will also identify slow moving, dead stock, over stock inventories and opportunities for standardization. Then, we will recommend new order points and order quantities in line with your actual usage for each line item. We will do all this without reducing service to any user.

Custom Implementation that Reduces Aggravation

To ensure your partnership with us is a success, we have a basic implementation project plan containing key tasks that ensure a smooth transition. We review it with you and modify it to meet your specific needs.

To avoid issues that can arise at the beginning of a long-term supply relationship, we are confident that you’ll agree with us on the following criteria:

  • Alignment of goals between client and supplier
  • Broad focus on all aspects of operations
  • Strong, open communication
  • Sufficient emphasis and investment in implementation planning and execution
  • Corporate champions from both the client and supplier to spearhead the effort

Stratification that Improves Financial Return

Inventory stratification is a process by which we analyze your VMI inventory for the purpose of identifying its financial performance. Through this process, we provide a wide spectrum of recommendations that will improve your inventory performance and increase your financial return on VMI commodity items.

How does inventory stratification work?

We assign an inventory item a code of A, B, C, or D based on its usage. Typically…

  • “A” items represent products that account for 80% of all items total usage
  • “B” represents 15% of all items total usage
  • “C” represents 5% of all items total usage
  • “D” represents a consumable with no issues for at least a 12-month period

Of course, we can adjust the associated percentages based on your inventory performance objectives.

We can warehouse your products so that they are safe and secure until you need them.

Saving You Floor Space

We can warehouse your products so that they are safe and secure until you need them.

Continuous Improvement

We are always looking to improve your VMI program, and we have the systems, people, experience and inventory to support your changing needs.