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ASTM F1554 Anchor Bolt Manufacturing

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When time is of the essence, AJAX Fasteners is your trusted partner for ASTM F1554 anchor bolt manufacturing. Our team of fastener experts is geared to craft F1554 anchor bolts tailored precisely to your specifications, ensuring swift delivery.

Typically, our F1554 anchor bolts are available for delivery within 24 hours. Should you require expedited service, we encourage you to contact us directly at (904) 353-4783 for immediate assistance.

Our Capabilities

At AJAX Fasteners, we pride ourselves on our ability to manufacture and ship a wide range of F1554 anchor bolts quickly.

  • Products: Anchor Bolts, Sag Rod, Studs, Threaded Rod
  • Options: 1/4” and up
  • Grades Offered: 36, 55 (S1), 105
  • Diameters: 1/4” and up
  • Lengths: Threaded Rod up to 12’, Round Bar up to 20′
  • Applications: Bridges & Highway Structures, Concrete Reinforcement, Steel Frame Construction, Structural Support, Equipment Installation, Utility Poles, Tilt-Up Construction, Fencing & Signage, Seawalls


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astm f1554 manufacturer

F1554 Product Overview

ASTM F1554 is an anchor bolt specification developed by the American Society for Testing and Materials that specifies straight, bent, headed or headless anchor bolts and fully threaded rod. It replaces ASTM A307 Grade C. 

The F1554 specification is used in construction-related projects such as commercial developments, structural supports and residential developments. Common examples of F1554 in use include freeway signs, street lights, traffic signals and large building columns.

F1554 Grades

AJAX Fasteners customizes F1554 threaded rod and round bar to meet a variety of our customers’ needs. The material used to manufacture Grade 55 meets the conditions for the Supplementary Requirement, meeting both Grade 36 and 55 specifications. The S1 Supplementary Requirement is for a weldable Grade 55 product. Meeting the chemistry, which supersedes conflicting provisions, requires certain chemical restrictions and meeting a carbon equivalency formula of less than 0.45%. Material certificates and material test reports are available upon request.

The grade number for F1554 designates the minimum yield strength of the selected grade. F1554 is manufactured in three grades: grade 36, grade 55 and grade 105. 

Grade Materials Yield Strength Benefits
36 Low carbon steel 36 ksi Economical
55 (S1) Low allow steel 55 ksi High strength, weldable grade
105 Steel alloy, heat treated 105 ksi High strength

Note: It is not advisable to substitute A193 grade B7 for F1554 grade 55. Specialty steel is used to produce grade 55 products and is not prominent in the market.

Fast Manufacturing, Competitive Pricing

Pricing may vary based on factors such as material type, quantity, and prevailing market conditions. Contact us today to request a personalized quote and discover the cost-effective solutions AJAX Fasteners offers for your anchor bolt needs.

Urgent F1554 Manufacturing in Action

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